(UPDATED) Ryze Tello Troubleshooting (Why, How to Fix)

The Ryze Tello is the mini drone that DJI ever produced. When I was scrolling in a DJI forum I noticed that many people asking for solutions for problems with Ryze Tello. So decided to write an article about Ryze Tello troubleshooting which would be helpful in solving issues with Ryze Tello.

Hopefully, this article would help you to fix issues with your Ryze Tello.

Common Problems With Ryze Tello.

  • Problem 1: Ryze Tello not connecting.
  • Problem 2: Ryze Tello battery not charging.
  • Problem 3: Ryze Tello not taking off.
  • Problem 4: Ryze Tello not stable.
  • Problem 5: Ryze Tello camera not working.

Problem 1: Ryze Tello not connecting.

In many cases, Ryze Tello won’t connect to the phone because of outdated firmware, incompatible mobile devices, insufficient battery power, and faulty settings of the Tello aircraft or phone.


  • Charge the Ryze Tello and phone to a sufficient level before a flight
  • Link Ryze Tello aircraft with the controller, If the Aircraft indicators blinking yellow. If your Ryze Tello aircraft indicator is blinking yellow, that means your aircraft wifi is unpaired. Go to the Wifi settings on your phone and connect to Ryze Tello’s wifi.
  • Reset the Aircraft. Power on the Ryze Tello and hold the power button for 5 seconds until the LED goes off. Then the drone would reboot automatically and flash yellow light constantly. After that try to connect Tello’s Wifi with the mobile device.
  • Put the mobile device on airplane mode and turn it off.
  • Restart the mobile device.
  • Update Ryze Tello firmware. Read this article to know how to update Ryze Tello firmware.
  • Try with another device.

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Problem 2: Ryze Tello battery not charging.

Usually, Ryze Tello refuses to charge because of insufficient amperage or voltage, damaged battery cells, outdated battery firmware, faulty or broken chargers, and improper battery temperature.


  • Plug the Ryze Tello charging hub into a power outlet with the required input voltage and current. Ryze Tello charging hub requires 5V and 3 A as inputs.
  • If your battery is warm, take it out and let it cool.
  • If the charger’s temperature has exceeded 41 – 113°F (5 to 45°C) range, leave it on an airflow to cool. Cause that’s the friendly temperature range for Ryze Tello charging hub.
  • Check whether the charger is faulty or broken. Use a multimeter and check whether the Ryze Tello charging hub output amperage and voltage satisfy the required charging inputs for the battery.
  • Update Ryze Tello Battery Firmware. Once you update the Ryze Tello aircraft firmware while keeping the battery inside, the battery firmware would be updated automatically.

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Problem 3: Ryze Tello not taking off.

In most cases, Ryze Tello won’t take off because of battery malfunction, unconnected Tello, or IMU miscalibration. If Tello is not taking off even though the propellers are spinning, you should have installed propellers in an improper pattern.


  • Install propellers in the correct pattern. Inspect the Ryze Tello aircraft model’s propeller pattern and install propellers according to that.
  • If the Tello is blinking yellow, that means the aircraft has unconnected to the mobile device. Turn on the wifi on your mobile device and connect to the Ryze Tello, if you haven’t connected to the Ryze Tello yet.
  • Calibrate Ryze Tello IMU. If the IMU is miscalibrated, That’s a threat to safe flight. So the aircraft would refuse to take off. Read this article to figure out How to calibrate Ryze Tello IMU.
  • Update Ryze Tello Firmware.

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Problem 4: Ryze Tello is not stable.

Most of the time, the Ryze Tello flies unstably because of miscalibrated Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), electromagnetic interference, malfunctioning motors, and distorted propellers.


  • Check Tello’s propellers. Check whether you have placed propellers in the right pattern. If some propellers are distorted or bent, replace propellers with a new set.
  • Calibrate Ryze Tello IMU. tap on the three dot’s in the top left corner and open the more menu. Then click on calibrate button in the IMU section and hit enter. Then you will be directed to place the Tello in six positions to calibrate IMU. All the instructions are demonstrations will be displayed on the Tello app.
  • Avoid power lines, communication towers, or any electromagnetic interference.
  • Update Tello’s firmware.

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Problem 5: Ryze Tello camera not working.

In most cases, the Ryze Tello camera not working and not showing the camera feed because of the outdated Tello app, Tello app glitches, and outdated firmware.


  • Clear Tello app cache data and app data. Go to Settings>Apps>Tello App and clear cache and app data.
  • Uninstall the current Tello app on your phone. Uninstall the Tello app on your phone and visit the DJI Downloads center. Then download the latest version and install it.
  • Update Ryze Tello firmware. If you have an older Tello firmware, upgrade the firmware. Having older firmware could make this kind of weird issue.

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