(SOLVED) DJI Phantom 4 / 4 Pro Beeping Codes (What Do They Mean And How To Fix)

DJI Phantom 4 aircraft and controllers usually beep to inform some errors, status, and other information to the users. Because there are many patterns of beeping noises, sometimes it’s almost impossible to figure out whether it’s an error message or some regular activity.

Thankfully, I was able to collect almost every DJI Phantom 4 beeping codes and what those messages are.

DJI Phantom 4 / 4 Pro Controller Beeping Codes.

Continuous double beepLow battery level
Continuous beepingStuck button / Disconnected aircraft
Rapid beepingObstacle avoidance
Continuous-monotonous beepingRC Calibration required
Chime and continuous beepingReturn to home function activated

Fix DJI Phantom 4 / 4 Pro Controller Keeps Beeping.

Most of the time, DJI Phantom 4 controller keeps beeping, just to indicate the current status or current action such as low battery level, obstacle avoidance, RTH, etc. But there are some scenarios where the beeping code indicates a glitch or error on the system that we need to fix it. Unless the beeping sound won’t go away.

Beeping Code 1: DJI Phantom 4 Controller Continuous Rapid Beeping.

Usually, the DJI Phantom 4 controller keeps beeping rapidly and continuously because of stuck buttons or the disconnection from the Phantom 4 aircraft. If the controller starts the rapid continuous beep once you turned on the controller, that means there must be a stuck button in the controller. If the controller starts to beep once the aircraft flies away from the controller that means the Phantom 4 controller keeps disconnecting from the aircraft.

  • Solution 1: Check whether there are pressed buttons.

Maybe there are some pressed stuck buttons on the controller, so if there are some get them back to the neutral position.

  • Solution 2: Move both left and right joysticks on the controller.
  • Solution 3: If the controller starts to beep when the aircraft flies away, change the frequency of the controller 2.4GHz to 5.8GHz.

In most cases, DJI Phantom 4 controller keeps beeping when the aircraft flies away because of a disconnection between the controller and the aircraft. A better way to solve this issue is to change the frequency to a higher less crowded frequency.

  1. Turn on the Phantom 4 aircraft and controller.
  2. Open the DJI GO4 app on your mobile device.
  3. Then go to the camera view and click on three dots on the top left corner and click on the HD icon.
  4. Then change the “Work Frequency” from 2.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz.
  • Solution 4: Upgrade Phantom 4 controller firmware.
  • Solution 5: Reset the Phantom 4 controller.

If there are any glitched settings that cause this noise, try resetting the controller. For that hold C1, C2, and the record button. Then turn off and turn on the RC again to check.

Beeping Code 2: DJI Phantom 4 Controller Continuous Monotonous Beeping.

I think this is the most unusual scenario that most people are unable to fix this issue. Actually, DJI Phantom 4 controller keeps beeping monotonously because of the miscalibrated controller (joysticks). So you need to calibrate them to fix the problem.

  • Solution 1: Calibrate the Controller.

Connect the mobile device to the controller and power on the controller.

Then launch the DJI GO 4 app on the mobile device and enter the camera view.

Then click on three dots at the top left corner and click on the controller icon. After that click on “Remote Controller Calibration” and move the virtual sticks on the screen 100% all the direction. (Clear demonstration on the below video)

  • Solution 2: Upgrade Phantom 4 firmware.
  1. Connect the mobile device to the remote controller and power on both the Phantom 4 controller and aircraft.
  2. Then open the DJI GO app and click on prompted bar stating “New Firmware Update is Available”.
  3. Tap the “Update Now” then “Download Now” button and wait until the progress bar reaches 100%.
  4. Once the download is finished, tap the “Start Update” and wait until the process is complete.
  5. The DJI GO app will prompt the “Update Complete” message, once the updating process is done.
  6. Tap the “Complete” button to finish the firmware update.
  • Solution 3: Reset the controller.

hold C1, C2, and the record button on the Phantom 4 remote controller to reset the controller. Then turn off and turn on the RC again to check whether the beeping noise is gone.

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