8 Steps To Fix DJI Battery Installation Error (Mavic, Phantom)

DJI battery installation error is another huge issue DJI users face often. Especially for DJI Mavic Air and Mini users. I also have faced this issue and was able to fix it by following a few steps. Besides my experience, I went through many forums, posts, and videos and brought all the good information to this simple article.

So I hope reading this article would help you to fix your DJI battery installation error. Before going to fix the DJI battery installation error, let’s understand why you are facing the DJI battery installation error.

Causes of DJI Battery Installation Error.

DJI battery installation error is caused by a lack of connection between the battery and the connectors inside the aircraft.

  • Misalignment of metal contact of the battery and connector inside the aircraft.
  • Bent pins on the battery. If your battery’s metal pins are bent, they won’t connect with the aircraft’s metal connectors properly.
  • Dust accumulation on battery pins. Debris accumulation on the mental pins series interferes with the connection between the battery and the aircraft.
  • Battery’s bent side connectors. The battery’s side connectors would bend toward the battery in long-term use. So the battery won’t lock properly and causing this error.
  • Swollen battery. If your battery is swollen, it wouldn’t fit inside the aircraft and won’t align with the connectors properly.
  • Third-party batteries. Third-party batteries won’t fit inside the aircraft properly. So use an original DJI battery for the aircraft.
  • Faulty battery (battery’s hardware issues). If your aircraft’s battery is faulty or damaged and doesn’t work properly, it would malfunction and cause the detection of this error.

How to fix DJI Battery installation error.

Following the below steps would help you to eliminate and fix the causes of the DJI battery installation error. Make sure to try these steps in the same order. Because we are going from the easy to hard troubleshooting steps.

1. Restart the aircraft.

First, let’s start with easy troubleshooting steps. Restarting the aircraft would clear temporarily stored data on the aircraft. So if you are facing this issue just because of temporary faulty data, restarting the aircraft would troubleshoot the error.

2. Check whether the battery is installed properly.

Install the battery as its metal contact and aircraft’s metal contact aligns together. Usually, that’s how the battery fit’s inside the aircraft but worth checking.

3. Take the battery out and charge it fully.

If the above steps didn’t help with troubleshooting the issue, take the battery out from the aircraft and charge it fully. Because havening less battery power could be detected as a battery installation error.

4. Inspect the battery.

In this step, let’s check the condition of the battery. Inspect the battery and check whether,

  • Battery pins are bent or broken. If some pins of pins series are bent when installing or storing the battery, try straight them carefully. If some pins are broken you would have to replace the battery.
  • The battery is swollen. A swollen battery is so harmful to the aircraft. It could damage the aircraft anytime. Also, it won’t fit inside the aircraft and is unable to connect to the aircraft, and won’t install properly. So if your battery is swollen, definitely you have to replace the battery.
  • The battery is faulty. If you are seeing issues with charging the battery, that’s a huge symptom of a faulty battery. Usually, battery hardware issues cause a faulty battery. So you might be able to fix the faulty battery by repairing the battery. Meet professionals or contact DJI to repair the battery.

If the battery’s condition is good let’s move to the next step.

5. Take a brush and clean the metal pin series of the battery.

Take a dry or little bit wet toothbrush and brush the metal pins series and other metal connectors carefully until they look shiny and clean. Cleaning using a toothbrush would help with removing particles and dust causing the problem.

Don’t forget to brush the side metal connectors of the battery.

dji battery installation error
DJI Battery Metal Pins Series. Brush them carefully using dry or slightly wet toothbrush.

6. Slightly pry up the battery’s side metal connectors.

  1. Use a knife or something hard and thin.
  2. Then insert it between the side metal connector and slightly pry up it little bit.
  3. Do the same to the other side connecter.
dji battery installation error
DJI Battery Side Connectors. Slightly pry it little bit away from the battery.

If you want to see the demonstration check the 4:16 timestamp below the video. It would show you how to do it.

7. Use a toothbrush and clean the aircraft’s connectors.

Take a dry or little bit wet toothbrush and clean the aircraft’s connector as you cleaned the battery’s connectors. When cleaning contact don’t miss any metal contact because those metal pins or plates would definitely connect with the battery.

dji battery installation error
DJI Aircraft (Air 2) inside pins. Brush and clean bottom pins and side metal connectors.

8. Once the aircraft’s and battery’s connectors are cleaned insert the battery into the aircraft.

Right now you have cleaned all the contacts of the battery and aircraft. Also, you have fixed bent side connectors. So there is a high chance you have already troubleshot the issue. Insert the battery into the aircraft and power it on. Then check whether the error is troubleshot.

Contact DJI.

Read the detailed article: How to get DJI Support to repair/fix your DJI drone issue.

If you are still struggling with the issue, mate there is something wrong with the hardware of the aircraft or the battery. So it’s advisable to contact DJI and get help with repairing or replacing the unit. If you are unable to contact DJI, meet professionals to repair the drone.

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