How To Get DJI Support To Repair Your DJI Drone (Request Repair Service Online) .

DJI is a very helpful company when it comes to listening to users and fixing users’ issues. The DJI Support is the panel for users to request help from DJI to repair or replace their DJI drones if they malfunction or are crashed and damaged.

DJI Support has helped many users to fix their issues by repairing and replacing their DJI components. So today in this article, let’s see how you can connect with DJI Support and how to request to repair or replace your DJI drone.

When you can get help from DJI Support?

Mainly, you can get help from DJI Support for any issue related to your DJI unit. It could be the aircraft, controller, goggles, or battery. Also, it could be a hardware issue or a software issue.

1. If your DJI drone crashed and was damaged.

If you severely crashed your DJI drone recently and now your DJI drone is not capable of flying or it’s malfunctioning, you can repair your drone through DJI Support services. If the crash is caused by a product issue, DJI would be responsible for that. DJI can figure out whether it’s a product fault by analyzing flight data before the crash.

2. If DJI drone’s software malfunctions.

If your IMU/ compass doesn’t calibrate, the firmware doesn’t update or any other unsolvable software issue that can’t be fixed by yourself, you still can get DJI Support to fix the issue.

3. If a DJI drone’s component is faulty.

DJI Support service doesn’t only responsible for the aircraft. It would help you to repair the DJI remote controller, DJI FPV goggles, DJI smart batteries, and any other component related to the DJI. So when your DJI remote controller, battery, or goggles is faulty, you would be able to replace or repair them through DJI Support.

How to request DJI support repair service online.

In this section let’s see how you can request repair service from DJI for your DJI drone. We would explain each step of the process to you.

Step 1: Visit

  • Visit using a PC.
  • Then log in to your DJI account that is linked to the DJI drone that you need help from DJI.

Step 2: Enter to Online Repair Service Page.

  • Hover the mouse over Support Menu. Then click “Request Repair Service Online” under “Service Request and Inquiry”.
dji support
Credits: RobHK

Step 3: Click “Submit A Repair Request”

  • Then Click the “Submit A Repair Request” button to continue.
dji support
Credits: RobHK

Step 4: Provide your service area information.

dji support
Credits: RobHK
  • Select your Service Area from the dropdown list.
  • Then select your Area and Country/ Region.
  • Then hit submit.

Step 5: Choose your drone.

dji support
Credits: RobHK
  • Now you would see all your DJI drones linked to your DJI account.
  • Choose the DJI drone that you need DJI’s help to repair.
  • If you can’t find it in the list, you can select your DJI drone by entering your DJI drone’s serial number.
  • After selecting the drone hit the “Next” button.

Step 6: Filling request service details (The Big Step).

dji support
Credits : RobHK

Choose Requested Service.

  • Choose the “Repair” option as the requested service.

Choose the issues.

  • Choose all the issues, your DJI drone has. You can choose them by clicking on the boxes including the text.

Issues that you can choose.

  1. Accessory Malfunction.
  2. Water damage.
  3. Image transmission error.
  4. Gimbal and camera malfunction.
  5. Scratches or cracks.
  6. IMU malfunction.
  7. Overheating.
  8. FPV goggles error.
  9. Unable to be linked.
  10. Video or photo error.
  11. Battery malfunction.
  12. Crash damage.
  13. Firmware update failure.
  14. Activation failure.
  15. Other.

Provide a detailed explanation of the accident.

dji support
Credits: RobHK
  • Explain the accident or the issue with your DJI drone. If you have crashed the drone, give the explanation from taking off to the crash. If you are having other issues, explain when you started to face this issue and all about the issue.

Enter the Purchase information.

  • Enter purchase date and upload proof of purchase.
dji support
Credits: Miz Buganon

Select your judgment about the issue.

Now you can choose your judgment about the issue, whether it is a “product issue” or “user error”. Be honest on this judgment because DJI can analyze data and verify and check whether it’s a product issue or user error.

dji support
Credits: Miz Buganon
  • If your fault caused the crash or issue, choose “User Error”.
  • If you are getting this issue because of a product issue, choose “Product issue”. After selecting “Product Issue”, it’s better to apply for Data Analyze.

Apply for Data Analysis.

  • So if you choose “Product Issue”, next choose “Apply for Data Analyze”. This would allow DJI to analyze the last flight details and would help DJI to figure out whether it’s the user’s fault or the product’s fault.
dji support
Credits: RobHK
  • Select the “Synchronized” option. Flight data need to be synchronized, to analyze flight data.
  • After that provide the below-requested information about the accident. Then stop at the last field which asks for footage of the accident.

Synchronize your flight records.

Pause the above steps on the PC and take the phone onto your hands.

  • Launch the DJI Fly app and tap on “Profile” and enter your profile. Before that make sure you are logged in.
dji fly app profile
Credits : RobHK
  • Then scroll down and tap on “Settings”.
dji fly app settings
Credits : RobHK
  • Then Select “Sync Flight Data” and turn on “Auto-sync Flight Records”. If it’s already on, off and on it again.
dji fly app flight sync
Credits : RobHK
  • Back to the profile section and “More” under your profile details.
dji fly app
Credits : RobHK
  • Then tap on the history icon at the top right corner and refresh records.
dji fly app flight records
Credits : RobHK

Collect Requested Data by DJI.

  • After refreshing you need to download the latest “Black Box Data” files which are needs to be sent to DJI. Download about 3-4 latest “Black Box Data” files.
dji black box
Credits : RobHK
  • Once the download is completed, go to the DJI Fly app folder of your device.
  • Inside the folder, you’ll find a folder named “Flight Records”.
dji flight records
Credits : RobHK
  • Then zip this folder to send DJI. Usually, you can do this by tapping and holding on to the folder and hitting the “Compress” option. Or you can use an app to do that.
  • Also, DJI would ask for the video of the incident. If you have saved the incident to the SD card you can use that clip for that.
  • Move requested files ( and accident footage) from the phone to the PC.

Step 7: Upload Requested Data to Google Drive.

It’s better to provide the link for the sources of the issues or the crash data instead of uploading directly to the DJI.

  • Login to your Google account and go to your Google Drive.
  • Tap on “New Folder” and make a folder named “DJI”.
  • Then enter that folder and make another subfolder named “Flight Records” and “Video”.
  • Upload your file to the “Flight Records” folder and the last footage to the “Video” folder.
  • Then copy the link for the “DJI” folder. Next, we need to give this link to DJI.

Step 8: Finally paste the link into the DJI form.

dji support
Credits : RobHK
  • Go back to the DJI form and paste the copied Google Drive link to the last DJI field that asks last footage and data.
  • Then hit “Next”.

Step 9: Choose Malfunctioning Parts.

  • Then select whether you are having the issue with one component. Therefore you just need to send only that component to the DJI. If you are unsure about it, select “Whole Product Set”.
dji support
Credits: Miz Buganon

Don’t send to DJI,

  1. Normally functioning or severely damaged battery.
  2. Non-DJI Product.
  3. Intact Propellers.
  4. Normally functioning SD cards.

Step 10: Provide Receiving Address.

  • Enter the address that you need to receive the drone after repairing or replacement.
dji support
Credits: Miz Buganon
  • Then hit “Next”.

Step 11: Confirm all the provided data.

  • Check whether provided data are correct.
dji support
Credits: Miz Buganon
  • Read DJI privacy policy and online repair request terms and conditions, and tick the box.
  • Then hit “Submit”.

Step 12: Print the case.

  • After submitting the case, you need to download the case’s pdf file.
  • Hit “Print My Case” and open the case’s pdf file.
Credits: Miz Buganon
  • Then download the pdf file. This pdf needs to be printed and sent with the product to DJI. If you didn’t send it with the product, the process will be delayed and may be returned unrepaired.
dji support
Credits: Miz Buganon

Step 13: Print the post-ticket.

  • Check your email connected to the DJI account. You’ll receive the post ticket to the email for sending the product to DJI. It might take under 24 hours to receive the email including the post ticket pdf document.
dji support
Credits: Miz Buganon
  • Download the post ticket pdf document and print it. This needs to be attached to the package send to the DJI.

Step 14: Pack the drone or the component with the issue.

  • Don’t use the original DJI product box as the box to send the product to DJI. Use a shoe box or something like that.
dji support
Credits: Miz Buganon
  • Wrap and put the drone or the issued component with the printed case document into the box.
  • Then seal the box well.

Step 15: Send the package to DJI.

  • Bring the package and post ticket and visit to post office and send the package to DJI.
dji support
Credits: Miz Buganon
dji support
Credits: Miz Buganon

Step 16: Stay Positive and keep checking the case status.

dji repair progress inquiry
  • You can check the status of your case through Repair Progress Inquiry by entering case no.
  • After DJI received the package, they would contact you and inform you about the issue and how much it would take to repair or replace the component or drone.

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