6 Ways To Fix DJI IMU Error (Mavic, Phantom, Inspire, Spark)

DJI IMU error is so common in almost every DJI drone. The IMU which stands for Inertial Measurement Unit is a combination of four components which are Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Thermometer, and Barometer.

The IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) is responsible for collecting surroundings data, analyzing surroundings, stabilizing the drone, and collecting data for taking special actions. If you have an “IMU Error”, most likely you won’t be able to take off the drone. Therefore IMU Error needs to be fixed and can’t be ignored.

Causes For DJI IMU Error.

1. Outdated firmware or firmware glitch.

If you installed glitched firmware or the current firmware is outdated and you perform an IMU calibration, the IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) won’t calibrate properly. Also, the firmware is the software of the drone which manage data of the drone including detecting errors with the drone. Therefore if the firmware is glitched it would malfunction and throws fake errors. Also for some weird reason, some users started to get this error after updating the firmware.

2. IMU Miscalibration.

Usually, IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) needs to be calibrated if you carry the drone to a different location. Because placing the drone near a metal structure, electronics cause IMU miscalibration. Many users were able to fix the IMU error after calibrating the IMU properly.

3. Faulty temporary or permanent IMU data.

Faulty IMU data also could cause the IMU error/ IMU calibration error. That’s why DJI advised restarting the aircraft on DJI IMU error to fix the error. It would help with erasing temporary faulty data that caused the IMU error. If there is permanently stored glitched data that cause the IMU error, you would have to factory reset the aircraft.

4. Faulty or damaged IMU.

Faulty or damaged IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) is the worst reason that could cause the IMU error. If you faced the IMU error after crashing the drone, the IMU might have been damaged. Also if you just bought the drone and the IMU error is still popping even after IMU calibration, the IMU might be faulty.

5. DJI GO/Fly app issues.

As we know, the DJI GO or DJI Fly app is the medium that informs the errors of the user. There would be a reasonable chance that glitched DJI Go/ DJI Fly app is just throwing fake errors even though the aircraft and IMU are all right.

How to fix DJI IMU Error.

Follow the below steps by steps to fix the DJI IMU error by eliminating causes for DJI IMU error.

1. Restart the aircraft.

This would be the easiest action to fix the IMU error. If faulty temporary settings or data caused the IMU error, the error would be gone after restarting the aircraft. Because the aircraft clears all the temporary data once it is restarted. So restart the aircraft and check whether the error is gone. Else let’s go to the next step.

2. Update the DJI GO/ DJI Fly app to the latest version.

As I said before, glitched or faulty DJI app would throw fake errors. Also calibrating the IMU using this kind of glitched app also could cause improper IMU calibration. So make sure to keep the DJI app (DJI GO/ DJI Fly) in the latest version.

Android users need to install the DJI GO/ DJI Fly app manually. So first uninstall the currently installed app from the phone. Then head to the DJI Dowanlaods center and download the “apk” file of the app and install the app by clicking on the downloaded apk file.

IOS users can install the DJI GO/ Fly app through the Appstore. Visit Appstore and search for the recommended DJI app on the search bar and hit the “GET” button once the app has appeared.

Once the app is updated or installed, check whether the IMU error is gone. Else let’s go to the next step.

3. Calibrate IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) properly.

Most of the time DJI IMU error is caused by miscalibrated IMU. Therefore many users were able to fix the DJI IMU error after calibrating the DJI aircraft’s IMU properly. Follow the below steps properly and calibrate the IMU and check whether the error is gone.

  1. Place the DJI Aircraft on a dry flat surface.
  2. Power on the aircraft. If your DJI drone is foldable like the DJI Mavic series, power on the aircraft with its arms closed in.
  3. Open the DJI App (DJI GO / DJI Fly) and connect to the aircraft.
  4. Then click on the three dots at the top left corner and click on the drone icon go to Main Controller Settings > Advanced Settings > Sensors > IMU and hit the “Calibrate IMU” button.
  5. If you are using the DJI Fly app click on the three dots at the top right corner and open the menu bar. Then click on “Safety” and scroll down until you found the ”IMU normal” under the “Sensors” section. Then click on the “Calibrate” button. And hit start.
  6. Once the above steps are done, the IMU calibration process would start.
  7. Start with the DJI Aircraft on its belly and wait until the DJI app drone model turns onto its right side.
  8. Next, move the Aircraft onto its right side and wait until the DJI app drone model turns onto its left side.
  9. Then Change the DJI Aircraft over to the left side and wait until the DJI app drone model stands on its back.
  10. Then Stand the Aircraft on its back ends and wait until the DJI app drone model turns upside down.
  11. Then Turn the Aircraft upside down so that it’s the camera is pointing upwards and wait until the calibration process goes to 100%.

Once all IMU is calibrated in all the positions and the calibration process is done, check whether the IMU error is gone. If not let’s go to next step.

4. Update/ Downgrade the firmware using DJI Assistant 2.

If you couldn’t able to fix the error even after calibrating the IMU, the firmware might be outdated or glitched. So let’s update the firmware of the DJI drone and calibrate the IMU again. When updating the firmware be sure to use the DJI Assistant 2 PC application instead of DJI GO or DJI Fly to reduce the risk of getting a glitched firmware update.

  1. Download and install DJI Assistant 2 from the DJI Download center.
  2. Power off the aircraft and connect to the computer through the charging port using a micro USB cable.
  3. Power on the aircraft.
  4. Open DJI Assistant 2 application on the PC and log in to your DJI account.
  5. Then select your DJI Drone and click on the “Firmware Updates” on the left panel and click on the “Upgrade” option.
  6. Click on “Start Update”.
  7. Wait until the firmware is completely downloaded and the firmware update process would start automatically.
  8. Follow the above steps again by connecting the remote controller and update the controller’s firmware.

Once the firmware is up to date, check whether the error is gone. Else give another try on IMU calibration as explained on step three. If you still getting the error let’s go to the next step.

5. Factory Reset the aircraft.

Factory resetting the aircraft would help to fix the IMU error if permanently stored faulty settings or data cause the error.

Download and install DJI Assistant 2 and connect the aircraft to the PC and turn it on. Open DJI Assistant 2 application and log in to your DJI account. Once you logged choose DJI drone and hit “Factory Restore Defaults”. Then check whether the error is gone. If it’s not give it another try on calibrating IMU.

6. Contact DJI Support for replacing or repairing IMU.

Read the detailed article: How to get DJI Support to repair/fix your DJI drone issue.

If you are still struggling with the IMU error, there is something wrong with the hardware of the IMU. Therefore the IMU might need to be replaced or repaired. usually, you can buy an IMU for DJI drones online and replace it by yourself but if you are not comfortable with that stuff, it’s better to contact DJI Support for that.

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