4 Ways To Fix DJI Gimbal Calibration Error – 40011 (Mavic, Phantom)

DJI gimbal calibration error is another huge problem, especially with DJI Mavic, Phantom series. Also, I had this error with my Mavic Pro and I was able to fix it by following the simple steps that we are going to talk about in this article.

I have seen many users are confused about this error and struggle to troubleshoot this error, So I think this article would help any DJI drone user who is struggling with the DJI gimbal calibration error.

Causes for DJI Gimbal Calibration Error.

First, let’s have some brief knowledge about the causes of the DJI gimbal calibration error.

1. Uncovered/ blocked gimbal.

If you are trying to calibrate the gimbal while the gimbal is covered in the plastic safety cover or with any obstacle near the gimbal, it would block gimbal movements. So the system would unable to calibrate the gimbal properly and refuse the calibration process. As a consequence, the “gimbal calibration error” would be thrown.

2. Gimbal calibration surface.

Gimbal calibration needs to be done on a flat surface and if you are trying to calibrate the gimbal while placing the aircraft on a tilted surface, it also could cause a miscalibration of the gimbal. So the system would refuse the gimbal calibration process.

3. Firmware glitches.

Firmware is in control of managing almost every component of the drone (including the gimbal). So if the firmware is glitched or outdated, it could be a reason for the error.

4. Third-party accessories.

If you have installed unsuitable third-party accessories (such as unsuitable third-party lenses, filters, and heavy gimbal accessories) would block or abnormalize gimbal movements. Therefore, those things won’t help with calibrating the gimbal.

5. Faulty gimbal settings.

If there are any faulty stored settings in the aircraft related to the gimbal, they also could cause this error.

6. Hardware issues.

This could be the worst reason for the error. If you are getting the error when calibrating the gimbal after a crash, it’s fair to suspect that crash did some damage to the gimbal or the hardware of the aircraft.

How to Fix DJI Gimbal Calibration Error.

Next, Let’s go through the step-by-step process of eliminating the gimbal calibration error.

1. Check whether you are calibrating the gimbal properly.

Some users are getting this error because of the improper following gimbal calibration process. So let’s see how to calibrate the gimbal properly.

How to Calibrate the DJI aircraft’s gimbal properly.

  • Charge the aircraft to a sufficient level before calibrating the gimbal.
  • Place the aircraft on a flat surface and power on the aircraft.
  • Launch the DJI GO / DJI Fly and enter the camera view.
If you are DJI GO/ DJI GO 4 user,
  • Click on the three dots at the top left corner and click on the gimbal icon and scroll all the way down and find the “Gimbal Auto Calibration” option. Click on it and hit “Ok”.
If you are DJI Fly user,
  • If you are using the DJI Fly app click on the three dots at the top right corner and open the menu bar. Then click on “Control” and scroll down until you found the ”Gimbal Calibration”. Then click on the “Calibrate” button. And hit “Auto”.
  • Once you have done that, the Gimbal Calibration process will start and calibrate the gimbal automatically. Wait until the gimbal calibration process succeeds.

2. Update/ Refresh the firmware.

This is the step that helps me to fix the gimbal calibration error with my Mavic Pro. I think my Mavic Pro had a glitched firmware. So if you are also facing this error because of glitched or outdated firmware, this would help you to fix this error too. Most importantly try to update the firmware using the DJI Assistant 2. Cause there is a chance of having glitched firmware when updating the firmware using the DJI mobile application.

  1. Download and install DJI Assistant 2 from the DJI Download center.
  2. Connect the aircraft to the PC and power it on.
  3. Open DJI Assistant 2 application on the PC and log in to your DJI account.
  4. Then select your DJI Drone and click on the “Firmware Updates” on the left panel and click on the “Upgrade” option.
  5. Click on “Start Update” and wait until the firmware is downloaded and installed.
  6. Follow the same above steps with connecting the remote controller and update its firmware too.
  7. After updating the firmware, calibrate the gimbal as explained in step 1.

3. Factory reset the aircraft.

If you are getting the gimbal calibration error because of faulty settings or data, factory resetting would help to fix the gimbal calibration error. So next let’s do that.

  • Download and install DJI Assistant 2 to the PC and
  • Connect the aircraft to the PC and turn it on.
  • Open DJI Assistant 2 application and log in to your DJI account. Once you logged choose DJI drone and hit “Factory Restore Defaults”. 
  • After factory resetting the aircraft, try calibrating the gimbal as explained in step 1.

4. Contact DJI Support.

Read the detailed article: How to get DJI Support to repair/fix your DJI drone issue.

Mate, if you are still struggle with the gimbal calibration error, there is definitely something wrong with the hardware of the aircraft. It would be a hardware issue of the gimbal or the aircraft. So according to the scenario, those components need to be replaced or repaired and require professional supervision. In this step, it’s so advisable to contact DJI Support and get advice to repairing or replacing the unit. If you are unable to get in touch with the DJI, meet professionals to repair or replace the hardware that occurs to the error.

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