(FIXED) DJI Mini Not Connecting To Phone or Tablet (Why, How to Fix)

These days DJI Mavic mini drone pilots face a lot of problems regarding smart device compatibility and connectivity. DJI Mini Not Connecting To Phone or Tablet is the most commonly asked one. So in this article, we would talk about that issue.

Why DJI Mini Not Connecting To Phone or Tablet?

Most of the time, the main reason the DJI Mavic Mini controller does not connect to the phone when you connect through cable is the phone or tablet has equal or more battery capacity than the controller. So both of them try to output power and no one is willing to intake.

If you are trying to connect the controller with 5200mAh, which is the equal capacity of the controller battery the controller won’t connect. Sometimes you might find that the controller only connects the mobile or tablet only if both are fully charged. 

How to fix it If the DJI Mini controller does not connect to the Phone?

Follow the below instructions step by step to fix all the connection issues with the remote controller and phone.

Step 1: First check whether you’re plugging in the right port!

“I am a total noob and spent yesterday troubleshooting this issue in Android. The Solution? Make sure you are plugged into the right side port on the controller. I was plugged into the left side, tried everything, and finally tried the right side. Instantly fixed the problem.”

That’s a comment which was left in the DJI forums by djiuser_caU3SQqLFLG6. Yeah, be sure to plug the cable right side. There’s nothing to do with the left side.   

Step 2: Clean the remote and mobile port using a little brush.

Dust, fabric, or anything interrupting the connection between cable and phone. Either on the remote control or mobile port. grab a little brush and rub the inside of the port to clean up. For some people it did work.

Step 3: Upgrade Mavic Mini aircraft and remote controller firmware.

Some people also were able to solve this issue by just updating the controller firmware. But you have to update them through the pc application. Here is an experience from a DJI Mavic mini user who also faced this problem on the DJI forum.

“After many tries, I plugged my RC on the adapter to charge and I used the second port on RC, connecting my phone to the USB on RC while charging. When my RC battery reached 66% suddenly my phone got connected. But then I turned it off, the battery was already 65% and turned on again and it didn’t connect anymore. So that’s how I figured out it was something to do with the RC battery. So I plugged, when it reached out 66% it connected again. I did the firmware updates and it fixed the problem. What a hustle! In the end, it seems it was a firmware bug! Not your fault but DJI’s”

How to update DJI Mavic Mini Firmware.

  • Download and install the DJI Assistant 2 application to the PC.
  • Open DJI Assistant 2 application.
  • Log in to the DJI account that is connected to the Mavic Mini.
  • Then connect the Mavic Mini to the PC using the USB cable.
  • Turn on the Mavic Mini. Then click on the Mavic Mini box pop on the DJI Assistant 2 application.
dji mavic mini firmware update
Credits: DJI Tutorials
  • Once you enter the Firmware Update tab, you will find all the previous and latest firmware for the Mavic Mini.
dji assistant 2
Credits: DJI Tutorials
  • Click on the “Upgrade” or “Refresh” button in front of the latest firmware. Or if you decide to downgrade the firmware click “Downgrade” on the recent firmware.
  • Then click on “Start Update”.
dji assistant 2
Credits: DJI Tutorials
  • Wait until the firmware is completely downloaded and installed.
Credits: DJI Tutorials
  • Once the aircraft is updated, unplug from the PC and restart it.
  • Next power on the remote controller and connect it to the PC.
Credits: DJI Tutorials
  • Select “Mavic Mini remote controller”.
Credits: DJI Tutorials
  • Then click on the update/refresh button in front of the firmware that the aircraft updated to.
Credits: DJI Tutorials
  • Then click “Start Update”.
Credits: DJI Tutorials
  • Wait until the firmware is completely downloaded and installed.
Credits: DJI Tutorials
  • Once the remote controller is updated, unplug it from the PC and restart it.

Step 4: Try Using OTG Adapter Instead of the default cable

What’s an OTG adapter?

USB OTG is short for USB On-The-Go. With a USB OTG cable, you can connect your smartphone or tablet to other devices. In this case, we can connect it to the controller. The cable has a connector for your phone on one side and a USB-A connector on the other side. When you use a regular type c to type c or another USB cable to connect the controller, the Controller is the main device. With an OTG cable, your smartphone or tablet is the main device.

Credits: www.androidauthority.com

Yeah, you have to buy or find an OTG adapter but believe me, it is worth trying it. A lot of users who faced this problem were able to solve this issue once they tried to connect the device with an OTG adapter.

Connect the OTG adapter with a USB data cable and make sure that it is connected to a controller and the data cable is connected to a phone or tablet. Simple as that. Here is a quick video on how to do it.

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