(FIXED) Drone Wifi Not Showing Up (Why, How to Fix)

These days, many modern drones require connecting the drone app through wifi to display live camera views, notifications, and other operations like firmware updating, recording and capturing, component calibration, etc. So it’s essential to connect the drone to the mobile phone application through wifi to fly the drone and other stuff.

But there are sometimes when drone wifi not showing up and is not detected on your phone or tablet. Therefore you are unable to connect to the drone and fly the drone and do other cool stuff. So it needs to be fixed. Thankfully I was able to find out reasons and easy fixes after researching on forums and the internet. So if your drone wifi is also not showing up this article would help you to fix the issue.

Why is drone wifi not showing up.

In most cases, drone wifi not showing up because of drone’s wifi settings issues, firmware issues, and mobile device’s wifi settings issues. Also if you have already connected to one device and haven’t disconnected from it also causes this issue.

As there are some different reasons that cause this issue, it’s better to talk more about reasons why drone wifi not showing up to figure out which one causes your scenario. Then we would talk about how to fix common issues with your drone and mobile device cause to detecting glitches.

Reason 1: Mobile device’s wifi settings.

If your mobile device is struggling to detect some other devices too, it might have issues in wifi settings. The majority of users face this issue because of the wifi settings issues on their devices. If your drone’s wifi settings don’t match with the device’s wifi settings, the drone wifi won’t be shown. Follow the below steps to fix the mobile device’s wifi issues.

  • Turn on airplane mode and turn off it. When you turn on airplane mode, it would completely shut down the network on your device. Then when you turn on it again it would try to detect the new devices and reconnect them.
  • Enable Networking and Wireless option. Go to Settings, Privacy, Location Services, and system services on your device. Then enable the networking and wireless option. If it’s already enabled, disable it and enable it again.
  • Reset network settings. Go to Settings, General and Transfer or reset iPhone. Then click on reset and choose “Reset Network Settings”. It would clear all the custom or modified network settings and back to default settings. If it doesn’t help with your issue, choose “Reset All Settings” and reset all settings instead of just resetting network settings. Because there might be other settings that affect network settings.
  • Check Software Update. Go to settings and “Software Update” and check whether a new update is available. If it is, update the software.

Reason 2: Drone’s wifi connection with another device.

When the drone’s wifi is connected to another device it hides its wifi settings because it can’t connect to multiple devices same time. If you have connected the drone with another device recently and ended the connection with glitches you might end with half closed connection. So the drone would still be hiding its wifi settings and it won’t be shown up.

Solution: If you have connected another device recently and its wifi settings are not showing up, reset its wifi settings. Reset the wifi settings even though you haven’t done something like that. Because it would put all the wifi settings to default and fix if the drone’s wifi settings have glitches. For DJI drone users hold down the power button for 9 seconds until you hear three beeps to reset wifi settings.

Reason 3: Outdated firmware and firmware glitches.

Drone firmware is so main software that manages drone operations. So if you haven’t updated the drone’s firmware or have glitches in your current firmware, it would cause the malfunction of the drone. Update your drone’s firmware to the latest version or refresh the firmware if you have already updated the firmware.

Make sure to update the drone’s firmware when the manufacturer releases new firmware because previous firmware bugs are fixed in the latest firmware. Therefore it’s an excellent option to avoid future issues and fix current issues same time.

Reason 4: Low battery level on drone or mobile device.

Low battery power in drones or phone causes a lack of power support for wireless connections. That’s why it’s hard to use wireless options once the devices get low battery power. Charge the drone’s battery and mobile device to a sufficient level and check whether the drone’s wifi is showing up.

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