DJI Phantom 3/ Pro/ Standard Keeps Beeping And How to Fix

When I was discovering about DJI Phantom 3 / Standard, I found that there are not that many beeping scenarios that require user attention compared to Phantom 4. Anyways there are some scenarios where DJI Phantom 3 beeps and needs user action to fix them.

So In this article, We would go over what are the DJI Phantom 3 aircraft, controller beeping codes, and how to fix them. Hope this article would help with solving DJI Phantom 3 beeping.

DJI Phantom 3 / 3 Standard Keeps Beeping (Why, How to Fix It).

As I found in most cases, DJI Phantom 3 / 3 standard keeps beeping because of faulty firmware and settings. Also, many users have faced this annoying Phantom 3 beeping, after updating the Phantom 3 firmware because of rebooting the aircraft before completing the firmware update process.


  1. Power on the aircraft and controller and wait for the beep.
  2. Connect to the mobile device to DJI Phantom 3 and open the DJI GO app. Then enter the camera view.
  3. Then enter to settings and format the SD card.
  4. Power off the Phantom 3 and remote controller.
  5. Visit DJI Downloads and download the latest DJI Phantom 3 / Standard firmware Zip file. Then extract the bin file from the downloaded Zip file.
  6. Take out the SD card from the aircraft and connect it using an adapter to the PC and move the extracted bin file to the root directory of the SD card.
  7. Then insert the SD card into the Phantom 3 aircraft and power on the aircraft.
  8. Once you turned it on the aircraft would start beeping as usual and the indicator LED near the SD card slot would blink green and red which indicates the firmware update process.
  9. You have to wait patiently while the aircraft keeps beeping, for a few minutes until the firmware update process completes.
  10. After a few minutes, the beeping noise would stop and would start a smooth double beep. But the firmware updates process is not done yet. So don’t reboot the aircraft right now. Many users have faced this beeping issue after updating the process because of rebooting the aircraft before the firmware update completes.
  11. Wait until the LED indicator near the SD card slot turns green and the gimbal stabilizes.
  12. Power off the Phantom 3 aircraft and connect the SD card back to the PC.
  13. Go to the SD card directory and check the created TXT file. If the txt file shows “Result: Success”, the firmware update process is successful and the problem is solved. If it’s not retry the process again.

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DJI Phantom 3 Remote Controller Keeps Beeping.

Usually, DJI Phantom 3 controller keeps beeping because of faulty settings, low battery power, remote controller miscalibration, and stick misalignment.

Solution 1: Charge the controller to a sufficient level before using the controller.

Solution 2: Keep the Phantom 3 controller left stick center before powering on the remote controller.

Solution 3: Calibrate the remote controller.

  1. Connect the smart device to the remote controller and open the DJI GO app.
  2. Then enter the camera view.
  3. Tap on the remote controller icon and click on RC calibration.
  4. Tap “Calibrate” and move the throttle sticks shown in the app several times.
  5. Turn the dial according to the instructions given by the app for several times.
  6. Then tap finish.

Solution 4: Update DJI Phantom 3 controller firmware.

  1. Download the DJI Phantom 3 firmware zip file and extract the bin file from it to a root directory of a formatted Flash drive. (or move to the SD card and use an SD card adapter)
  2. Insert the Flash drive to the remote controller and power on the controller and wait for the blue indication LED and beeping.
  3. Then wait until the indication LED turns solid green and stops beeping.
  4. Once that has been done, the firmware update process is successfully done. Also, you can check the below video which demonstrates how to update DJI Phantom 3 remote controller firmware.

Solution 5: Reset the Phantom 3 Remote Controller.

If nothing above helped with your issue, the controller might have faulty settings. So resetting the remote controller would help with that.

  1. Power off the Phantom 3 remote controller and aircraft.
  2. Press the power button while pressing and holding the C1 + C2 + record button and scroll wheel.

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