(FIXED) DJI Mini 2 Keeps Disconnecting (Why, How to Fix)

Imagine you have launched your DJI Mini 2 to the sky and suddenly you lose the connection and image signals. To be honest many DJI Mini 2 users have faced DJI mini 2 connection issues mid of flight. This issue is so annoying and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

When I was researching DJI Mini 2 keeps disconnecting issue, I found that there are more than one kinds of scenario DJI Mini 2 users face disconnection issues.

What are the different scenarios DJI Mini 2 keeps disconnecting?

There are two types of scenarios that DJI Mini 2 users get disconnection issues.

Scenario 1: DJI Mini 2 completely disconnected from the RC.

In this scenario, you would lose the whole connection from the aircraft and it would hover, land, or return home if you set it up before.

Scenario 2: No image signals but the drone is still controllable through RC.

In this scenario, you would just lose image signals from the aircraft. So you would be still able to control the drone after the disconnection issue. Actually, in this scenario, there is a disconnection between the remote controller and the phone.

The causes of DJI Mini 2 keep disconnecting.

Before going to the troubleshooting steps, let’s have some idea of why your DJI Mini 2 has disconnection issues.

1. Low battery power.

When the Mini 2 started to fly away from the remote controller, it becomes harder to receive radio signals. So when the Mini 2 aircraft or remote controller has low battery power, and the remote controller wouldn’t able to send strong radio signals then the aircraft won’t be able to pick them. After a few of these kinds of cycles, the Mini 2 would disconnect from the controller.

2. Remote controller’s USB port or cable issues.

If you just get a disconnection from the image signals and the drone is still controllable through the remote controller, this must be the issue. Once you use the USB cable that connected the remote controller and the phone for a long term, it would eventually bend and get damaged. So the image signals won’t be passed to the phone and get a disconnection error.

3. Firmware issues.

Some people started to get this issue after some firmware updates. So I hope some new firmware updates could have some glitches with the connection and range and cause the disconnection.

4. Electromagnetic interference.

This is another reason for almost every drone (not only Mini 2). When a drone flies near power lines, communication towers, or some sort of electromagnetic environment, it won’t be able to pick up radio signals because of electromagnetic interference.

5. Hardware issue.

This could be the worst situation for Mini 2’s connection issues. If your remote controller is faulty or the aircraft has some hardware issues, that also could cause the connection to lose.

How to fix DJI Mini 2 keeps losing connection.

Follow the below steps to fix DJI Mini 2 keeps disconnecting and other connection issues.

Step 1: Charge the Mini 2’s batteries fully before the flight.

As I said before, low battery power could cause a poor connection between the aircraft and the remote controller. Therefore make sure to charge the Mini 2 aircraft’s and controller’s batteries fully before the flight. Especially if you desire to fly the Mini 2 long distances.

Step 2: Replace the USB cable.

If you are just having an image signal lost (black screen on camera view) and you are still able to control the drone, this step would help you to fix the issue.

  • Replace the current USB cable connecting the remote controller to the phone, with a new strong one.

Step 3: Update/ Downgrade/ Refresh the firmware.

Next, let’s fix firmware issues that could cause connection issues. If you are getting disconnection issues just after updating the firmware, try downgrading or refreshing the firmware. If your Mini 2 current firmware is outdated, try updating the firmware.

  • Download and install the DJI Assistant 2 application to the PC.
  • Open DJI Assistant 2 application and log in to your DJI account connected to the Mini 2.
  • Then connect the aircraft to the PC using the USB cable and power it on.
  • Then the DJI Assistant 2 would detect the DJI Mini 2 and pop the Mini 2 box. Click on that DJI Mini 2 box.
dji assistant 2
Credits: DJI Support
  • Then you’ll be entered the “Firmware Update” panel where you can find all the previous and latest firmware for the DJI Mini 2.
dji assistant 2
Credits: DJI Support
  • If you have outdated firmware, click on the “Upgrade” or “Refresh” button in front of the latest firmware. If you started noticing connection loss after updating the firmware, click on the “Downgrade” button in front of the previous firmware
  • Then click “Start Update”.
dji assistant 2
Credits: DJI Support
  • Wait until the firmware is completely downloaded and installed.
Credits: DJI Support
  • Then connect the remote controller to the PC and Upgrade/refresh/downgrade the remote controller’s firmware by following the same steps above.

Step 4: Set up Transmission Settings for a strong connection.

  • Then open the DJI Fly app and enter the camera view.
  • Tap on the three dots at the right top corner and tap on “Transmission”.
dji mini 2 transmission settings
Credits: PhillyDroneLife
  • Then choose “Dual-band” as the frequency option.
  • Choose “Auto” as the Channel mode. Therefore once the drone gets interference in the current frequency range, it would move to the frequency range with the lowest interference. So
  • Then set up the Downlink Bandwidth to 20MHz.
dji mini 2 transmission settings
Credits: PhillyDroneLife

Step 5: Use the Yagi range extender to strong connection.

Yagi Antenna for Mini 2 would extend the range and strengthen the connection.

yagi for mini 2
Source: Youtube
yagi for mini 2
Source: Youtube
yagi for mini 2
Source: Youtube

Step 6: Ask for help from DJI.

If you are still getting DJI Mini 2 connection loss, there must be hardware issues with the remote controller or the aircraft. So in this situation, you have to repair or replace faulty components to fix this issue. To repair or replace a DJI drone it’s more advisable to do it through DJI. Check out the article on how you can request a repair online from DJI to fix your DJI unit’s issues.

Read the Detailed Article: How to get DJI support to repair your DJI unit’s issue.

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