(UPDATED) DJI Inspire Troubleshooting (Why, How to Fix)

DJI Inspire series was so uncommon from other series from DJI. There are many problems users face with the DJI Inspire drone. Most of them are so common to almost every DJI drones and easy to fix. Sometimes just need just a firmware update or IMU and compass calibration.

I have seen many people asking about these questions on the internet and it would be so helpful if there is a simple article that contains almost every DJI Inspire issue and how to fix it. Therefore theDronestop as an active drone enthusiast, we collected almost every problem with DJI Inspire and write this article about those issues and how to fix it.

Common Problems With DJI Inspire.

  • Problem 1: DJI Inspire not connecting to the controller.
  • Problem 2: DJI Inspire battery not charging.
  • Problem 3: DJI Inspire horizon not level.
  • Problem 4: DJI Inspire no image transmission signal / DJI Inspire camera not working.
  • Problem 5: DJI Inspire gimbal not connected.
  • Problem 6: DJI Inspire landing gear stuck.
  • Problem 7: DJI Inspire gimbal not working.

Problem 1: DJI Inspire not connecting to the controller.

Most of the time, DJI Inspire won’t connect to the controller due to insufficiently charged batteries, outdated firmware, and unpaired Inspire aircraft. Besides that, be sure to keep the DJI Inspire controller and aircraft firmware in equal firmware. Unless they wouldn’t be able to connect together.


  • Link DJI Inspire aircraft with the controller, If the Aircraft indicators blink yellow. Open the DJI Go app and visit remote controller settings and click “Linking RC”.Choose the “Primary controller” on the prompted dialog box and you will get 1min to press the aircraft’s linking button. So press that button before the countdown ends. The drone indicators will flash green once it is successfully done.
  • Charge the DJI Inspire aircraft and controller fully or to a sufficient level before a flight. 
  • Also if you have replaced the controller or the aircraft, first you have to link them.
  • Check whether both DJI Inspire controller and aircraft are on equal firmware. Read this article to know how to update DJI drone firmware.
  • Update DJI Inspire Firmware.

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Problem 2: DJI Inspire battery not charging.

Usually, the DJI Inspire battery won’t charge when it detects higher or lowers amperage or voltage. Outdated battery firmware, damaged battery cells, faulty chargers, improper battery temperature, and hibernation mode also cause the issue.


  • Plug the charger into a power outlet with the required voltage and current. Usually, the DJI battery charger required input voltage is around 100 – 240 V and the amperage is 1.4 A.
  • If the DJI Inspire battery is hot, leave it for a few minutes in an airflow to cool. 
  • Kick the Battery out from hibernation mode. If the Inspire battery LEDs flash red that means it might have gone into hibernation mode. Power on the battery and leave until the red LEDs shut down. Then connect it to the charger and leave it for a few hours.
  • Check whether the charger is Faulty or broken. 
  • Update DJI Inspire battery Firmware.
  • Replace the battery if it’s damaged, swollen, or reached 300-500 full charging cycles.

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Problem 3: DJI Inspire horizon not level.

Many people have got trouble with their inspire cameras not keeping their horizons level. The only way of fixing this issue is just calibrating the compass every time you turn on the drone. Hopefully, future DJI Inspire firmware updates would fix the issue.

If the IMU or Compass is miscalibrated, it’s could cause to malfunction of many components including the camera of the DJI Inspire. Open the DJI GO App, go to the Camera, and tap the Aircraft Status menu. Select Calibrate Compass. The DJI Inspire would be flashing a Yellow indication light. Hold and rotate the DJI Inspire horizontally 360 degrees clockwise. Keep spinning until the light turns solid Green. Now point the nose straight down. The indicator light will return to Yellow. Spin another 360 degrees clockwise. If the indicator light is now a solid Green, the compass is calibrated. If the light flashes Yellow, move over a few feet to another spot and repeat the compass calibration.

Problem 4: DJI Inspire no image transmission signal. / DJI Inspire camera not working

There’s no really the perfect reason why this happening to the DJI Inspire but there are some quick simple steps to fix it.

Before trying those steps first update DJI Inspire firmware and DJI GO app to check whether the problem is with the firmware or app.

Turn off the DJI Inspire aircraft and take out the SD card from the DJI Inspire and turn on the aircraft. Once you turned on the aircraft, it would start to get image transmission signals and display the camera view. Then insert the SD card back and format it.

Problem 5: DJI Inspire landing gear stuck.

For fixing this issue you have to try manually moving the worm screw. I would suggest moving it only slightly, like four or five turns, and then see if the functionality returns. Make sure it is on a flat surface and smooth, with nothing to obstruct the. Landing gear. It should then retract to storing position.

Source: Inspire Pilots.

Problem 6: DJI Inspire gimbal not working.

In most cases, DJI Inspire gimbal not working because of IMU and gimbal miscalibration.


Calibrate the DJI Inspire IMU. Open DJI GO app and go to Main Controller Settings > Advanced Settings > Sensors > IMU and tap calibration. Then follow the given instructions to calibrate IMU.

Gimbal Automatic Calibration. If Calibratiting IMU didn’t help with that, Open DJI GO app and go to Camera > Setup > Gimbal. Then choose Automatic Gimbal Calibration. Tap Ok and start the calibration process.

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