(FIXED) DJI FPV Not Activating (Why, How to Fix)

These days many DJI FPV users are having issues with activating the DJI FPV kit. I have seen several posts, videos, and forums on many social media and even in DJI forums. DJI FPV kit activation is essential and can’t be ignored before flying the FPV. So if you are struggling with activating the kit, I’m sure you can’t fly the drone right now.

Because this issue is serious and definitely needs to be fixed ASAP, we are writing this simple detailed article for DJI FPV users who are struggling with activating the FPV kit, explaining why DJI FPV not activating and how to fix that issue. Hope this article would definitely help you to figure out the issue and activate the FPV kit.

Why is DJI FPV not activating?

In many cases, DJI FPV kit is unable to activate because of using an outdated DJI Fly app to activate the FPV. Besides that improper activation procedures also have caused DJI activation issues.

1. Outdated DJI Fly app.

Many android users faced DJI FPV activation issues because of this matter. In order to activate the DJI FPV kit, you should have installed the latest DJI Fly app. Because outdated DJI Fly app versions don’t support DJI FPV. Many android users have updated the DJI Fly app from the Playstore and are unable to activate the DJI FPV. Because the DJI Fly app version in the Playstore is not the latest DJI Fly app version.

2. Improper DJI FPV activation procedure.

Also, some users were unable to activate the FPV kit because of following improper processes to activate the kit. DJI FPV kit is not simple as activating other DJI drones because there are many items that come with the kit. So that’s reasonable to confuse and make mistakes with activating the FPV kit. We would talk about how you should activate the DJI FPV kit properly in this article.

3. Using direct cable instead of using OTG cable to connect the mobile device to goggles.

This is another mistake users made that causes the DJI FPV activation issues. When connecting the mobile device to the DJI goggles, you should connect the OTG cable to the goggles. then connect the USB-C cable to the OTG cable, instead of using a direct cable to connect the mobile device and DJI goggles.

4. Trying to activate through DJI Assistant 2.

You can’t activate the DJI FPV kit through the DJI Assistant 2. The DJI Fly app is the only way to activate the DJI FPV kit. If you connect the DJI Goggles to the PC and went through some activation process in DJI Assistant 2, it just activates the DJI Goggles, not the FPV kit.

How to fix DJI FPV activation issues and activate the kit.

Follow the below steps to avoid mistakes and issues and activate the DJI FPV kit.

Step 1: Update/ Install the DJI Fly to your mobile device.

As I said before DJI Fly app is the only option to activate the DJI FPV kit. Also, the DJI Fly app needs to be on the latest version to activate the DJI FPV kit. So follow the below steps to update/ install the DJI Fly app on your mobile device.

How to Update the DJI Fly app.

  • First, uninstall the currently installed DJI Fly app version from the device. Then restart the mobile device to clear app data and cache data.
  • Visit the DJI Downloads center using your mobile device.
  • Click on the DJI Fly app to enter the app’s download page.
If you are an IOS user,
  • Tap on the IOS icon and the app would be open in Appstore. Tap on the “GET” button and install the app.
If you are an Android user,
  • Tap on the Android icon and the apk file would be downloaded to the mobiles downloads directory. Once it is downloaded visit your downloads directory and click on the downloaded file. Then follow the simple steps prompted by the device and install the app.

Step 2: Follow below the DJI FPV activation process properly to activate the kit.

  • Connect the battery to the charger and charge it before using it.
Credits: DJI Tutorials
  • Connect goggles to goggles battery.
Credits: DJI Tutorials
  • Make sure the gimbal cover and the protective film are removed.
Credits: DJI Tutorials
  • Insert the battery into the FPV aircraft and press it one time. Then press and hold the power button for about 2 seconds to power on the drone.
Credits: DJI Tutorials
  • Then power on the remote controller and DJI Goggles.
Credits: DJI Tutorials
  • Connect the OTG cable via the USB port of the goggles.
Credits: DJI Tutorials
  • Then use a data cable and connect the phone to the OTG cable.
Credits: DJI Tutorials
Credits: DJI Tutorials
  • Open the DJI Fly app and tap on “Activate”.
Credits: DJI Tutorials
  • Tap “Agree”.
Credits: DJI Tutorials
  • Then give DJI account info that is connected to your DJI FPV.
Credits: DJI Tutorials
Credits: DJI Tutorials
  • Then hit “Activate” and activate the DJI FPV kit.
Credits: DJI Tutorials
  • Tap “Done”.
Credits: DJI Tutorials

Step 3: Contact DJI Support.

If your DJI FPV is not activating there must be a serious issue with the kit. Contact DJI to replace or repair your DJI FPV kit (most likely, the FPV kit would be replaced).

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