(FIXED) DJI SD Card Malfunction Error: 10023 (Why, How to Fix)

DJI SD card malfunction code 10023 is the most annoying SD card issue-related warning ever. Because this kind of error starts popup when you are hurry to fly the drone and capture epic pics and videos. You also could relate to this.

I’ve also faced this issue a couple of times and I was able to fix the issue after going through many forums. So if you are also facing the same issue, don’t worry. Because in this article I’ll cover you all the information I was able to find after hard research. Hopefully, this would help you to fix the SD card malfunction error.

Why DJI SD Card malfunction code 10023 warning pops.

In most cases, “DJI SD card malfunction code 10023” pops up because of the drone’s firmware issue, corrupted SD card, Incompatible SD card, and invalid file system of the SD card. Also if your drone’s SD card slot is a little bit loosy, it also could cause this error.

As I mentioned before there are many reasons that could cause this issue. So let’s talk about each reason and how to fix it separately. It would be easy for you to figure out what’s wrong with your drone or SD card.

Reason 1: Loose or blocked SD card slot.

If your drone SD card slot is loosely and not fitting with the SD card, it won’t be able to align with the reader’s pins. So that’s would be a problem to read and write data to the SD card. Therefore the app would prompt this issue.

Another similar thing that causes this issue is a blocked SD card slot. If debris and dust have accumulated inside the slot, it causes to block the SD card slot and cover the pins and metallic contact of the SD card.

Solution: Inspect the SD card slot and check whether it’s loose or has been blocked by accumulations. If the slot is loose insert the SD card gently and aligning with the pins. Clean the slot using cotton bud if there are accumulations inside the slot.

Also, be so careful and gentle with cleaning the SD card slot. cause if you try to clean it hard it would cause to damage and bend SD card reading pins.

Reason 2: Corrupted SD card.

SD cards could be corrupted and damaged because of our harmful actions. These corrupted SD cards could cause many SD card-related issues. Most of the time SD cards get damaged because of bad ejecting and inserting habits. Thankfully, those corrupted and damaged SD cards can be fixed easily by using the command prompt.

Solution: As I mentioned before, you can fix the issue simply by performing a repair operation in the command prompt. Connect your SD cards to the PC using an adaptor. Then go to the File Explorer and note the drive letter of the SD card. Open the command prompt by searching “cmd” in the start menu. Then type “chkdsk” and leave a space and specify the driver letter of your SD card and hit enter. For example, if your SD card driver is “D” you must type “chkdsk D”. Wait until the process is done. Once the process is finished, your SD card should be fixed and ready to go.

Reason 3: File System issue.

SD cards can be formatted into many different file systems for different uses. Usually, your SD card file system needs to be “FAT32” to store drone footage and photos. If you have formatted the sd card to a different file system it would be a problem for storing data. So you need to change the file system to “FAT32” by using a software called “MiniTool Partition Wizard” to fix this issue.

Solution: To change the file system of the SD card, it needs to be gone through a formatting process. So before all stuff, backup the SD card data to your PC. Once you have a backup of your SD card, download the MiniTool Partition Wizard software and install it.

  • Download MiniTool Partition Wizard and install it.
  • Connect the SD card into the PC.
  • Open the MiniTool Partition Wizard application and inspect the SD card drive in the list.
  • Then right-click on it and select “Delete All Partitions” and Apply it. It would delete all the partitions.
sd card partition
  • Once it is done, Right-click on the SD card driver and select “Create”.
sd card partition
  • Then choose “FAT32” as the file system from the dropdown menu. Also, select “64KB” as the cluster size.
sd card partition
  • Then hit “OK” and wait until the process is done.
  • When it’s done go to the SD card and create the three folders naming “Video”, ”Photo” and “tmp”. Then insert the SD card into the drone and check whether the problem is fixed.

Reason 4: Outdated firmware.

Because firmware manages all the functions inside the drone, it always needs to be up to date. When you have outdated or glitched firmware it would cause to malfunction the drone. Therefore it is unable to perform some functions properly and throws errors at it.

DJI always advises you to keep the firmware of the controller and drone updated. Because they always fix bugs in the current firmware and release debugged firmware. So if you won’t update the firmware, you’ll end up with a lot of issues with the drone.

Solution: Simply, if you haven’t updated the firmware of the drone, just update the controller and drone firmware to the latest using DJI Assistant 2 or DJI app. If you face this issue after a firmware update, revert the firmware to the recent one. Because the current firmware might cause this issue.

Reason 5: Incompatible SD card.

DJI drones require good quality SD cards to perform those operations. Because of that DJI specifies compatible SD cards for each drone. SandDisk Extream Pro, Samsung EVO Plus, Lexar 633x are some of them. If you are using a different kind of SD card you would have to replace the SD card to fix the issue. You can find compatible SD cards for your drone just by googling it. SanDisk Extreme Pro is a quite good option if you are looking for replacing the SD card. Here are some compatible SD cards for DJI Drones.

Some Compatible SD cards for DJI drones.

  • SanDisk Extreme / Pro/ Plus
  • Samsung EVO
  • Lexar Professional 1800x SD cards
  • Kingston Canvas Go Plus
  • Delkin SD cards

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